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Why AppAsap

We built AppAsap to introduce a solution that is both easy to use and powerful to greatly accelerate back-end development on a large scale to the point where you can generate your backend with a prompt while having full control of your code/infrastructure without vendor-locking.

Dive deeper into the docs if you are interested to learn more about AppAsap.

Features Overview

This will quickly go over what AppAsap provides, read more about these features in their dedicated sections.

1. Chat-based AI Agent

You will be able to describe the requirements of your application to an AI agent by providing him an inital description of the app and it will start a conversation with you about what features to include in your app and even suggest new features and ideas which you can either agree or disagree on.

2. User-Friendly Database Visualizer

The Database Visualizer is a feature that AppAsap provides, you are able to visually interact with your database schema, tables, entities, and relations and edit/modify your schema and just re-generate your application with the new schema definition so that you are able to change your data definition without the complex database stuff.

3. Automatic API Swagger Documentation

AppAsap will automatically provide you with a Swagger documentation for your output API, this would be very beneficial to you as an easy-to-use tool to quickly test the API endpoints and of course be a reference to quickly know what the API is capable of.

4. Admin Panel UI

AppAsap will also provide you with a beautifully designed admin panel specific for your application requirements so that you (as a site-admin) are able to modify or interact with the data in your app using a modern UI client.

5. React Native Mobile App (Coming Soon)

AppAsap will also provide a react-native mobile app to interact with the output API, but this feature is still under development and not active yet.