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Note that you currently can only generate a single app at a time for each user.

We use the popular AWS Cloud Provider to deploy generated applications, this gives the best flexibility and uptime.

A generated application will be containerized and deployed to multiple services on AWS (EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, ...).

EC2EC2s are elastic compute cloud servers that provide dynamic auto-scaling
RDSAWS RDS is a relational database service that we use to host PostgreSQL databases for generated applications
ElastiCacheElastiCache is an elastic auto-scalable redis service hosted on AWS that we use to host the Redis cache instance for generated apps
ECSECS is a fully managed elastic container service that we use on AWS to run/manage containers from images that exist on AWS ECR
ELBELB is an elastic load balancer service from AWS that we use to load-balance external traffic among our replicated services


Note that your generated application is highly scalable and follows a scale-as-you-go deployment, we deploy on elastic services on AWS which provides things like Automatic Scaling, Monitoring, Load Balancing. So, you don't have to worry about scalability your generated application is ready for it.