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Getting Started with AppAsap

To get started with AppAsap go and visit the web app at, then sign up and log in to start your free trial and start generating your backend!



It is really intuitive to use AppAsap!



above you see an image of the chat page where you can talk to AppAsap's AI agent and give it the description of your app and it will start a collaborative conversation with you where it will try to understand better what exactly do you want from your application and it will suggest features to you that you can decide on and overall let you understand your requirements more by providing more than a single point-of-view to your application.

Database Visualizer

Optionally, if you want to customize your schema after you generated a backend you can do that with ease.


That's it!

You now have your app. you can now for example, inspect/test the output API via the API Playground (Swagger docs):


Or you can go ahead and login to the admin panel instead to interact with the generated application.